How it works

Click on the Online Store.

To select an item, simply click on the picture.

Click the select box under options to choose how you would like to complete this piece from the three provided options.

~Ceramics Only
~Ceramics/Acrylic Paint
~Ceramics Only/Pre-Glazed (no paint)
~Ceramics/Ceramic Paint/Firing

The options highlight the additional charge for paint and firing.

If you choose acrylic paint it is an additional $0.50 for up for four (4) paint colors.

If you choose ceramic paint and the firing it is an additional $0.75 for four (4) paint colors and the professional kiln firing.


If you chose Ceramics Only your order is complete - The unpainted ceramic piece is shipped directly to you ready to be painted. 

If you choose Ceramics/Pre-Glazed (no paint) your order is complete - we will fire the piece giving it a professional, white, glossy finish before we ship the piece to you.

If you choose Ceramics/Acrylic Paint, you will then choose up to four paint colors and then your order is complete.

If you chose Ceramics/Ceramic Paint/Firing then you will choose up to four paint colors and after you receive your order you will complete steps 4 and 5.

Please note - Plates, Bowls,
and Drinkware require firing from us or the purchaser



Ceramics/Ceramic Paint/Firing Option Only

After you have finished painting your piece, ship it back to use for firing using the enclosed shipping label.


Ceramics/Ceramic Paint/Firing Option Only

After firing is completed, we ship the finished product to you. You get all this for one low price.


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